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Messe Düsseldorf gets Thailand to innovate plastics, rubber on world stage
8 leading businesses to showcase the cutting edge at mega-event "K 2022" Thai plastics industry can still grow over 40% in 2023

  • Highlighting industry trends in rubber and plastic celebrating 70 years of success, from 19-26 October 2022 inDüsseldorf , Germany, expected to attract over 200,000 visitors from 100 countries worldwide!!
Bangkok, 4 August 2022: Messe Düsseldorf underlined its leadership of the international trade fair business by hosting a seminar for business operators, "K 2022 Presentation", at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. This event also saw the launch of a major global exhibition of technology and innovation in the plastics and rubber industry, "K 2022", in Dusseldorf, Germany. The three highlighted economic megatrends for industry in the future comprise the Circular Economy, Digitalization and Climate Protection. Thailand is also being primed as a leading manufacturing base for plastics and rubber in ASEAN. Eight leading Thai companies will be showing off their technology, including SCG Chemicals PCL (SCGC), IRPC PCL (IRPC) and AJ Plast Co., Ltd. Interested businesses can find more details at the website or register to reserve their tickets for the exhibition from Shop Messe Düsseldorf.
Mr Gernot Ringling, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf Asia, said that the event will power Thailand to achieve its strategic goals in developing the plastics and rubber industry set by the National Industrial Development Board, to stimulate the economy and investment in a period of economic recovery. At latest, Messe Dusseldorf Asia is hosting the world's biggest trade exhibition of technology and innovation in the plastics industry, "K 2022", a triennial event which will also celebrate 70 years of success, at the end of the year from 19-26 October 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is a key opportunity for operators to get a new worldview on investment markets, while learning about innovation and new tech which has become accepted internationally, and which can be applied in Thailand.

Mr Gernot added that among the preparations to launch the K 2022 event, Messe Dusseldorf has hosted a seminar for entrepreneurs, "K 2022 Presentation", at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, which is aimed at bringing together the network of business clusters of Thai operators and associated industry sectors, to be updated on the latest tech trends in the plastics and rubber industry. There is not only a focus on powering industry to revive the economy, but also on directions for demand appropriate to the circumstances and biological factors affecting global society. This is also consistent with upgrading progress in the Thailandís target industries under the principles of the BCG Economy. Three economic mega-trends for global industry in the future include the Circular Economy, or manufacturing processes that are friendly to the environment, such as showcasing machinery and equipment for processing and recycling, under the concept, "Plastics shape the future." This reflects the importance of diverse forms of plastic which meet the needs of future industry. This includes giving opportunities to participants to exchange knowledge with experts under the headings of plastics recycling, bioplastics and alternative materials. Examples of Digitalization include demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), recommended applications for digital solutions for business operations, and many other associated items. There will also be exhibitions of technology and products to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, with the presentation of production processes focused on climate management and Climate Protection. The event is expected to attract not less than 200,000 trade visitors from 100 countries around the world, particularly in the plastics and rubber manufacturing sector. There will also be developers common designers and experts in manufacturing from end user industries such as such as the automotive, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, aerospace and construction sectors. The seminar was distinguished by the attendance of Mr Juergen Rehkopf, Managing Director of Reifenhauser Asia Pacific, who gave information on the topic of the plastics industry and sustainability.

Thanadkij Techanukulchai, President of the Thai Plastic Industries Association, said that current directions of the global plastics industry were still characterized by continually increasing demand, with the value of the export market over 2021 increasing by over 3.14% to 128,016.51 MB, showing positive signs for this industrial sector. Thailandís participation in K 2022 on this occasion is creating opportunities to expand the market at the regional level. It is also a crucial forum for the entire sector to learn about the latest innovations, technology and machinery, as well as processes to design and manufacture plastic and rubber products from international manufacturers and distributors from around the world to boost competitive capabilities. Thailand has the largest manufacturing base in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as the key role of being the worldís number 3 exporter.

They will also be a focus on promoting plastic packaging for food and medical supplies, as well as bioplastics, as champion products. A target has been set to grow exports by 40% in 2023. Thailand has the potential to manufacture and sell plastic products and bioplastics in particular which do not contain fossil fuels, and are friendly to the environment. There is a priority to develop the plastics industry with the application of green technology which can lead to both industrial strength, and environmental sustainability.

K 2022 this year will feature displays of products from leading companies in the industry with over 3,000 exhibitors from 61 countries, including Germany, Italy, USA, India, South Korea and China. Thailandís eight exhibitors are SCG Chemicals PCL (SCGC), IRPC PCL (IRPC), A.J. Plast Co., Ltd., A.F. Supercell* Co., Ltd., C.S. Rubber Industries Co., Ltd., Lab Tech Engineering Co., Ltd., Mahathani Utsahakam Co., Ltd. and S.M.C. Corporation Co., Ltd. Interested operators can find more details at the website or register to reserve their tickets for the exhibition from today onwards, at Shop Messe Düsseldorf.